Tuesday 16th August 2022

Nepali territory will be retrieved at any cost: PM Oli

Kathmandu, Jan 10, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has made it clear that although his party was given huge number of votes for political stability, the government was obstructed to work. PM Oli said it while putting forth his views at the National Assembly meeting on the contemporary issues and the issues raised by lawmakers today.

He commented though the government was moving ahead as per people’s mandate, the undemocratic bargaining was made to foment political instability in the country. “There was machination to topple government every six month though it was mandated to continue for five years. Now, with the announcement of fresh election, country will engage fully for election,” he asserted.

PM Oli reminded, “People had wished five year term to the government. But sheer unhealthy competition within the ruling party created present situation. The situation was that even the government’s proposals were denied.” He took the opportunity to share the historic works of the government in the front of physical development, education and health. The construction of Ranipokhari to which he had laid foundation stone completed recently.

Some 700 thousand houses damaged by the earthquake were reconstructed; reconstruction of Dharahara reached the final stage; beauty of the Kathmandu Valley increased; cultural heritages were built; industrial estates were expanded; agriculture was modernized and commercialized; sewerages made in Tarai cities; and irrigation facilities were expanded.

Even the education and health sectors witnessed remarkable progress, the PM made elaborate, arguing that such progress had never occurred before. According to him, notable initiative was made to solve problems in the relations with India by holding comprehensive dialogues. “Since 1928, water is supplied to India via Sharada barrage, but our land is not irrigated. Still, none spoke on it.

When I spoke, why the question is raised over the discussion on Nepal’s relations to India during my tenure?” Some have said the relations with India would be strained when new map was issued by incorporating Nepali lands as Limpiyadhura, Lipulek and Kalapani, but the territories were brought with the issuance of new map and made it a part of constitution, he reminded.

“Now, the discussion with India is held on the basis of friendship. Nepali land will be retrieved at any cost,” he stressed while addressing the seventh session of the parliament. Moreover, PM Oli said Nepal bravely faced the blockade imposed for promulgating constitution. Nepal was land-linked by making transport and transit agreement with China. Earlier too, efforts were made to topple his government being nervous over the good works it did, he claimed.

PM stresses solemn actions for bio-diversity conservation

Kathmandu, Oct 1, Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli has stressed the need to strike a balance between people’s rights over natural resources and sustained efforts in biodiversity conservation. Addressing the ‘UN Summit on Biodiversity’ held on Wednesday on the margins of the 75th Session of the UN General Assembly, he dubbed biodiversity resources as humanity’s common lifeline connecting generations and surpassing national boundaries.

The Prime Minister said that Nepal accorded high priority to biodiversity conservation. Living in harmony with nature is a part of Nepali Culture. Biodiversity protection constitutes a critical component of Nepal’s aspiration of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’, he stated. He underlined the unique mountain ecosystem of Nepal as the true source of knowledge to inquisitive scholars, researchers, and scientists.

He also shared the major achievements and success stories of Nepal in biodiversity conservation and underscored the need to harmonize the efforts under multilateral agreements and internationally agreed development frameworks. Emphasizing climate action as a moral obligation, the Prime Minister called for requisite political will, innovative ideas, and robust action from all stakeholders in biodiversity conservation.

“Twenty-three percent of our geography has been designated as protected area and we have achieved Aichi Target – 11. We have a plan to expand it to 30 percent by 2030”, the PM added. Nepal’s progress in landscape level conservation and trans-boundary cooperation on migratory species are considered as success stories, he said, adding so is the engaging of communities to managing human–wildlife conflict.

Through strong law enforcement system and enhanced cooperation at international level, we have achieved zero-poaching of rhino for almost a decade, PM Oli shared on the occasion. “We have almost doubled the number of tigers well ahead of the target year of 2022”.

The Summit held virtually under the theme of ‘Urgent Action on Biodiversity for Sustainable Development’, featured a total of 144 speakers including 67 Heads of State/Government and 68 Ministers. PM Oli extended thanks to the Secretary General of the United Nations for convening such important Summit. RSS