Tuesday 16th August 2022

Govt. offices closed in Kavre as staffers test positive for coronavirus

Banepa, Oct 9, Two government offices and two local levels in Kavre district closed their services as the officials tested positive for the coronavirus.

District Health Office, District Land Revenue Office, Mandandeupur Municipality and Roshi Rural Municipality closed their regular services except the essential ones.

Issuing separate notices on Friday, the Land Revenue Office and Health Office said that the regular services of the offices were postponed till next Friday.

Similarly, regular businesses of all ward offices, schools and NGOs are closed in Mandandeupur owing to the spread of coronavirus infection. Training activities, gatherings, hotel businesses and groceries have been asked to suspend except for the sale of daily commodities.

Roshi Rural Municipality also closed its services as some of the officials tested positive for the virus. However, it will continue the emergency services and e-services. RSS

92% recovery on COVID-19 infected Nepalis abroad

Kathmandu, Oct 4, Of all the Nepalis infected with coronavirus abroad, 92 per cent have fully recovered normal health, according to the Non-Resident Nepalis Association (NRNA).

Altogether 35,916 Nepalis in 42 countries have recovered from the coronavirus. The number of COVID-19 infected Nepalis residing in 42 countries stood at 39,528 as of Saturday evening. NRNA’s Health Committee coordinator Dr Sanjeev Sapkota shared that recent COVID-19 casualty among Nepalis abroad recorded this week was from South Africa.

Altogether 266 Nepalis including the one in South Africa have succumbed to this flu-like infection so far, informed NRNA COVID-19 High-level Committee’s press coordinator Chiran Sharma.

In Nepal, altogether 84,570 persons have tested positive for the COVID-19 as of now while 62,740 of them have fully recovered. Similarly, a total 528 COVID-19 patients have lost their lives to the deadly infection within the country till date.

Woman dies of COVID-19

Dharan, Oct 3, A woman of 28 year died of COVID-19 while receiving treatment at BP Koirala Institute of Health Science (BPKIHS), Dharan this morning.

The woman is from Inaruwa Municipality-4 of Sunsari district, according to Joint Spokesperson Dr Ashish Shrestha.

After she had tested positive for the coronavirus a week back, she was getting treatment at BPKIHS’ COVID-19 hospital.

The woman had not any incurable disease before she got fatal virus. With this, the death toll at BPKIHS reached 39.

Mid hill highway’s Parbat section works resume

Parbat, Oct 3, The construction works of Parbat section along the mid-hill highway – which were stalled following the coronavirus pandemic have resumed now. As informed the construction process that has been halted since March 21 has resumed after a hiatus.

The Lama Construction Company which was awarded the contract for the construction of the Parbat section of the mid-hill highway began its works after the letup in rain. Though the contract period for the construction expired in mid-September, only 60 percent progress has been made so far.

“Lockdown halted the construction works but now it has taken its speed”, project manager of the Construction Company Govinda Bhusal said. He also shared that the blacktopping would be initiated after the Dashain. According to the Construction Company, the contract amount of Rs 839.8 million was signed for the up-gradation of around 23.77-km from Parbat entry point to Maldhunga.

Of the 23-km Parbat section, 95 percent structural works have been completed. Blacktopping has been undertaken on a 5-km road from Baglung broder Maldhunga to Nayapul. As the floods and landslides caused damages in some portions of the road section there needs re-blacktopping. “We are planning to complete remaining construction by the current fiscal year i.e mid-July 2021”, Bhusal added.

Mid-Hill Highway Project Office Parbat chief Ashish Thapa Magar also assured to complete backlog of construction works by the end of the current fiscal year as the additional human resource and other resources have been made available to the management. Meanwhile, the Kushma Bazaar road section of Parbat would also be made a four-lane along with the up-gradation of Pokhara-Baglung section of the mid-hill highway.

Project chief Thapa Magar shared that around 2-km road from Khareha of Kushma to Damdare rivulet would be made a four-lane. The project has intensified maintenance works to give a new look to the 72-km Pokhara-Baglung road section, Thapa informed. RSS

Chandragiri spends Rs 22.7 million for corona prevention and treatment

Chandragiri, Sept 29, The Chandragiri municipality has spent Rs 22.7 million for the prevention, control and treatment of coronavirus infection. Chandragiri, the main entry point to the Kathmandu Valley, has so far made the expenses in the headings of quarantine construction, procurement of medical appliances and relief distribution following the government-enforced lockdown to contain coronavirus spread.

Chandragiri municipality mayor Ghanashyam Giri shared that the expenses amounting over Rs 22.71 million were made for the prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19. The municipality has expended over Rs 16.43 million distribution of relief to poor and disadvantaged families Rs 4.08 million for swab test, medicine procurement, spray, publicity and ambulance service and Rs 2.2 million for quarantine construction and management.

The municipality has constructed quarantine wards in different schools and accommodated the infected people. As informed the Bagmati State had aided the municipality with Rs 1.2 million for the prevention, control and treatment of coronavirus and Rs 1.17 million to the municipality-level disaster management fund. With the addition of six cases, the number of coronavirus infections has reached 390 in the municipality.

Among them 276 have recovered and discharged from the isolation wards. Of the remaining active cases, 25 are being treated in hospital isolation and 85 in home isolation, shared municipality’s spokesperson Haribhakta Maharjan. Four infected have so far lost their lives due to COVID-19 in the municipality, he added.

The municipality had been providing treatment to the critically infected patients at the Armed Police Force Hospital Balambu and Manmohan Hospital Dahachowk. Chandragiri is the biggest municipality of the Bagmati State with 15 wards. RSS

50 percent coronavirus cases transmitted through hospitals in Chitwan, study says

Chitwan, Sept 15, The coronavirus infection has been transmitted through the hospitals in Chitwan, a study reveals. According to a study undertaken by the District COVID Crisis Management Centre, almost 50 percent of the infections diagnosed so far have been transmitted through the hospitals.

Centre’s member and health office Chitwan chief Deepak Tiwari shared that among the total infected are 254 doctors and health workers. The number accounts for 20 percent of the total infected cases diagnosed as of today. He further shared that at least one member of the house of infected doctors and health workers has been found with the infection. With this, the count of the infection stands at 40 percent.

Besides, additional 101 coronavirus infected have shared that they got transmitted while visiting hospitals for treatment or attending patients at hospitals, he said. Tiwari added, “It was found that hospitals share 50 percent of the infection cases in the district”. The study has also revealed that infection has been diagnosed among other 111 people who have been involved in industry, trade, hotel, fruits and vegetables grocery and other entrepreneurs.

Likewise, the case has been increasingly found among the workers of factories, hotels, enterprises or business outlets. It has also increased among the people living in rented houses having a single toilet. “The infection has been detected among those involved in transporting grocery goods, grocery owners, vehicle drivers, workers coming from outside without coronavirus tests and frontline service providers at banks, financial institutions and electricity authority offices among others”, stated the study report.

Tiwari further informed that series of discussions were already held with district-based hospitals to develop a plan of actions to prevent the transmission of coronavirus after the hospitals were found to be the high risk zone for the virus transmission. Number of infected has so far surged to 1,307 in the district and 17 persons have lost their lives to the corona infection. The death toll has reached 29 including the data of other districts apart from Chitwan.

‘Shun psychological fear to protect from coronavirus complications’

Chitwan, Sept 9, There is every likelihood that the rapid rise in the COVID-19 cases may bring psychological effects on the infected, their relatives and general public. Doctors however said its negative effects could be allayed with higher levels of awareness.

Health complications such as anxiety and depression are seen among the people due to coronavirus infection, doctors further said. Chitwan Medical College’s Psychiatrist Prof Dr CP Sedhai said the rise in the virus transmission has surfaced psychological problems such as rapid heartbeat, fear, suffocation, frequent urination, anxiety, feeling of loneliness, unhappy gestures, insomnia and negative attitude among the patients.

He further shared that people are visiting the hospital with complaints such as burning sensation, headache, throat block, feeling of complication and fear of coronavirus infection for treatment of late. “Lately people having complications of conversion disorder and PTSD are coming to the hospital”. Dr Sedhai also noted that some people may get into alcoholic and other addictions due to mental stress stemming from the fear of coronavirus.

He suggested the people not to think deeper on a particular matter to get away from psychological fear of the virus. The psychiatric doctor also advised the general public to remain content with what one has, not to compare oneself with others and decrease engagement in mobile and social networking sites to keep mental peace in such difficult times.

“One needs to best utilize time in diverse activities from dawn to dusk, it helps us come out from negative thinking”, he added. Doctors have said that those staying in isolation are seen with mental problems with the rise in coronavirus of late. Health experts have suggested lending support to the infected people to boost their confidence to overcome the coronavirus.

11 more test positive for coronavirus infection in Gandaki

Pokhara, Sept 8 , Eleven new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in the past 24 hours in Gandaki State, the Gandaki State Health Directorate shared today.

With this, the total cases in Gandaki reached 2,612 out of 52,525 PCR tests were conducted so far. Director at the Directorate Dr Binod Bindu Sharma shared that five cases were recorded in Pokhara Metropolitan City while six others were from Nawalparasi East.

All infected ones from Nawalparasi East have been kept in isolation centers and preparations for the same are ongoing for those infected in Kaski, the Directorate said. Likewise, the number of active cases in the State is 807 while 1,785 have returned home after complete recovery from the virus.

Dr Sharma, who is also the spokesperson of Gandaki State Corona Prevention and Control Programme, added that 20 persons lost their lives in the State from COVID-19 so far.

Four additional government offices shut service delivery in Kavre

Kavre, Sept 8, Four additional government offices in Kavrepalanchowk district have shut their services for indefinite time after their employees tested positive for the coronavirus. The offices remained closed for indefinite periods related to the financial, reconstruction, industry and health sector.

Dhulikhel-based Cottage and Small Industry Office chief Keshab Prasad Pudasaini said the office has been shut for indefinite period after confirmation of the virus transmission on an employee of the office. He urged all other employees coming in close contact with him to remain high alert and carry out PCR tests.

“We all tested negative for the virus on Sunday. As the infected employee was in the tax branch all coming in close contact with him are requested to undergo PCR test”, he said. Likewise, Dhulikhel-based National Reconstruction Authority District Implementation Unit (Building), Rastriya Banijya Bank Dhulikhel branch and Kavrebhanjyang health post in Dhulikhel have remained closed after their employees were diagnosed with coronavirus infection.

However, the bank has clarified that its office will be closed until the PCR reports of all the employees of Dhulikhel branch are received. Earlier, an emergency meeting of the district-based crisis management centre had shut the services of three offices having overcrowd of service seekers citing growing numbers of corona infection cases. The offices closed for three days were Inland Revenue Office Dhulikhel, Land Revenue Office and Survey Office.

The Centre has directed all service delivery organizations of the district to provide service placing high alert measures in view of a spike of coronavirus cases. Kavre district alone has so far witnessed the death toll of two people from coronavirus and the infection among 324.

Coronavirus-infected dies in Madhyapurthimi, Citizen Hospital closed for two days

Madhyapur Thimi, RSS, A woman has died of coronavirus infection in Bhaktapur. The 62-year-old woman, who was taken to the Citizen Community Hospital based in Madhyapurthimi municipality-3, Gaththaghar for treatment, breathed her last, confirmed Chief District Officer Humkala Pandey.

The women with high blood pressure was also said to have contracted the virus, she said, adding the Nepal Army Bir Dal Battalion Suryabinayak would manage the dead body. Contact tracing of the deceased family followed by swab collection and PCR testing would be done today, she shared.

Hospital’s director Jeetendra Shrestha said the patient suffering from asthma and high blood pressure had already lost her life on the way to the hospital. The hospital’s emergency and OPD has been shut for Friday and Saturday following the death of the women due to coronavirus infection, Dr Shrestha said.

Doctors and nurses contacting the woman would be quarantined and the hospital would be disinfected, he said, adding the hospital would resume its operation from coming Sunday only. Earlier, two coronavirus related deaths were reported in Bhaktapur.

Locals have demanded municipalities conduct at least one PCR test in each household with the community level transmission of the virus infection and subsequent rise in the number of death of the infected.

The Madhyapur and Suryabinayak municipalities said they have stepped up preparation to increase the number of PCR test and adopt other safety measures to suppress the spread of the virus.