Sunday 14th August 2022

Oil pipeline to be extended to Lothar, Chitwan

Birgunj, Jan 10, After the success of the Motihari-Amlekhgunj petroleum pipeline project, the government is extending the pipeline from Amlekhgunj to Lothar of Chitwan.

A study is now underway to materialize the 69-kilometers pipeline from Amlekhgunj to Chitwan, said Nepal coordinator in the Nepal-India Pipeline Joint Study Group, Birendra Goit. The study will help to identify the method of extending the pipeline and the estimated cost.

A joint task force to be formed following an understanding between the governments of Nepal and India will develop the detail project report. Lothar in Chitwan will have a storage capacity of 100,000 kilolitre of petroleum.

The pipeline from Motihari of India to Amlekhgunj depot of Nepal Oil Corporation is being used to transport diesel and a study is now being carried to start transportation of petrol as well, using the same pipeline, said Chief of NOC Province-2, Bharat Regmi. For this two petrol tanks of 4.2 million litre capacity each are being constructed at the Amlekhgunj depot for storing petrol.

Petrol can be supplied at the rate of 300,000 to 400,000 litres per hour using the pipeline. Transportation of fuel using the pipeline has saved transportation cost, ended technical loss and helps maintain quality and control leakage, Regmi said.

Cancer hospital staff found dead

Chitwan, Sept 20, A staff of the BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital in Bharatpur has been found dead. Surya Mishra,32, a resident of Simara was found dead in the canal that passes through the hospital, according to District Police Office, Chitwan.

Mishra had been working for the hospital since the past 11 years as an electrician. His body was found on Saturday and is taken to Bharatpur hospital for a post-mortem. Hospital’s Executive Director Dr Dej Kumar Gautam has said that the incident looks like a murder and called for thorough police investigation into it.

Meanwhile, a person has been electrocuted in Bharatpur municipality-3. A resident of Mayagadhi rural municipality-8 in Palpa, 27-year-old Prem Rana was working at a block industry in Bharatpur.

He was electrocuted while drying clothes inside the Trishakti Concrete and Block Company premises on Saturday, spokesperson of District Police Office, Chitwan Surya Thapa said. Seriously injured in the incident, Rana died during treatment at Bharatpur hospital. RSS

50 percent coronavirus cases transmitted through hospitals in Chitwan, study says

Chitwan, Sept 15, The coronavirus infection has been transmitted through the hospitals in Chitwan, a study reveals. According to a study undertaken by the District COVID Crisis Management Centre, almost 50 percent of the infections diagnosed so far have been transmitted through the hospitals.

Centre’s member and health office Chitwan chief Deepak Tiwari shared that among the total infected are 254 doctors and health workers. The number accounts for 20 percent of the total infected cases diagnosed as of today. He further shared that at least one member of the house of infected doctors and health workers has been found with the infection. With this, the count of the infection stands at 40 percent.

Besides, additional 101 coronavirus infected have shared that they got transmitted while visiting hospitals for treatment or attending patients at hospitals, he said. Tiwari added, “It was found that hospitals share 50 percent of the infection cases in the district”. The study has also revealed that infection has been diagnosed among other 111 people who have been involved in industry, trade, hotel, fruits and vegetables grocery and other entrepreneurs.

Likewise, the case has been increasingly found among the workers of factories, hotels, enterprises or business outlets. It has also increased among the people living in rented houses having a single toilet. “The infection has been detected among those involved in transporting grocery goods, grocery owners, vehicle drivers, workers coming from outside without coronavirus tests and frontline service providers at banks, financial institutions and electricity authority offices among others”, stated the study report.

Tiwari further informed that series of discussions were already held with district-based hospitals to develop a plan of actions to prevent the transmission of coronavirus after the hospitals were found to be the high risk zone for the virus transmission. Number of infected has so far surged to 1,307 in the district and 17 persons have lost their lives to the corona infection. The death toll has reached 29 including the data of other districts apart from Chitwan.