Tuesday 6th December 2022

Framework for school operation in non-risk area put in place

Kathmandu, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) has opened up avenues for resuming teaching and learning activities in COVID-19 risk free area and the schools of local level witnessing gradual decline in the coronavirus cases through rotational shift or proper methods.

The Ministry has provided a guideline to the local levels to gradually resume school operation by mapping the coronavirus risks. The Ministry has included the cabinet-endorsed ‘Framework for School Operation in the Context of COVID-19’ in its website.

At a time when teaching and learning made in educational institutions through online measures did not go effective at local levels, the government has prepared the base for school operation. The framework has highlighted the need of adopting public health safety protocol including sanitizing of schools used as quarantine and isolation centers before re-operation.

The government has urged the local levels and schools to manage student enrolment, school operation and teaching-learning management as well as the procedures for the resumption of postponed examination.

The government has initiated the task of conducting examinations of all levels acting on the cabinet decision of October 8. Direct examination for 40 marks of grade 12 of the last year is taking place since November 24. However, there was a discussion on alternative measure for conducting examinations online.

The government decided to adopt the direct examination system with a conclusion that the examination through online mode would lose credibility, it is informed.

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