Saturday 24th September 2022

Agriculture University’s central office padlocked for nearly two months

Chitwan, Sept 18, The central office of the Agriculture and Forest University (AFU) which has been mostly relying on acting office-bearers has been padlocked for nearly two months. In absence of the office-bearers, the university’s day-to-day operation is gradually turning to be weak and ad hoc.

The university was padlocked by the temporary and contractual employees of the university under the leadership of Nepal National Employees Organization on July 27. Putting forth several demands, the employees had also locked up agriculture and veterinary faculties along with the central office of the university.

Organization’s chair Achal Shakya said the padlock was slapped presenting several demands including granting permanent status to 24 contractual employees and 85 daily wagers to contractual employees. However, Dr Sharada Thapaliya, who was entrusted with the responsibility of vice-chancellor, said that the demands put forth by the organization could not be addressed right at the moment.

“The government rules do not allow to address the demands the way the organization has put forth. A committee headed by the university’s research director Dr Nawaraj Devkota has been formed for talks but they have not yet come to a negotiation table”.

Dr Thapaliya who was entrusted the responsibility to look after daily operation of the university since one year back has also been serving as the vice-chancellor. The positions of chairperson and registrar of the university’s service commission are lying vacant. The university assembly has not been held in absence of the registrar. RSS

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