Thursday 22nd September 2022

COVID-19: Infected tally rises to 2,903 in Gandaki

Pokhara, Sept 13, Seventy-five new cases of Corona Virus have been confirmed in Gandaki province in the last 24 hours. This takes the total number of people infected with Corona Virus in the province to 2,903.

Likewise, 37 people have recovered from the virus and returned home from isolation centres, according to the Provincial Health Directorate. A total of 1,849 have recovered. A

ltogether 24 people have died of the deadly virus so far. As of today, 55,737 PCR tests have been carried out with 52,834 testing negative in the province.

The PCR test is being carried out at the laboratory of Pokhara Institute of Health Sciences and the TB Treatment Centre, according to coordinator of provincial health emergency operation centre, Nawaraj Sharma.

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