Thursday 22nd September 2022

‘Shun psychological fear to protect from coronavirus complications’

Chitwan, Sept 9, There is every likelihood that the rapid rise in the COVID-19 cases may bring psychological effects on the infected, their relatives and general public. Doctors however said its negative effects could be allayed with higher levels of awareness.

Health complications such as anxiety and depression are seen among the people due to coronavirus infection, doctors further said. Chitwan Medical College’s Psychiatrist Prof Dr CP Sedhai said the rise in the virus transmission has surfaced psychological problems such as rapid heartbeat, fear, suffocation, frequent urination, anxiety, feeling of loneliness, unhappy gestures, insomnia and negative attitude among the patients.

He further shared that people are visiting the hospital with complaints such as burning sensation, headache, throat block, feeling of complication and fear of coronavirus infection for treatment of late. “Lately people having complications of conversion disorder and PTSD are coming to the hospital”. Dr Sedhai also noted that some people may get into alcoholic and other addictions due to mental stress stemming from the fear of coronavirus.

He suggested the people not to think deeper on a particular matter to get away from psychological fear of the virus. The psychiatric doctor also advised the general public to remain content with what one has, not to compare oneself with others and decrease engagement in mobile and social networking sites to keep mental peace in such difficult times.

“One needs to best utilize time in diverse activities from dawn to dusk, it helps us come out from negative thinking”, he added. Doctors have said that those staying in isolation are seen with mental problems with the rise in coronavirus of late. Health experts have suggested lending support to the infected people to boost their confidence to overcome the coronavirus.

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