Monday 26th September 2022

Good bye Dear

IT my was brightening sun ,

IT was my moon when i darkened.

IT made me enjoy my every moment,

and IT made me to “live”

IT was a wing that made me bird fly,

IT was a reason for my smile,

i had a hope ITwould last forever,

but IT abruptly disappeared

no reason but IT vanished,

and i miss IT every now and then,

every time the memory of IT flashes,

this IT is something that isn’t gained though i pay thousands of cash

its true who said, its not past,

its memory what hurts,

but the fault is mine i feel,

i wasn’t to expect so much from IT

good bye dear,

live long as stars,

stay happy though we’re apart,

good bye dear,

do take care,

i will try enjoying though you aren’t here

good bye dear…….!!!

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