Tuesday 16th August 2022

Diamond though insight vision

We meet so many people in our life. Some become our friends or simply some are noticed while others are unnoticed. After all we see thousands of faces and how can we remember too. We can’t remember the formulas in math about nearly 50 only then thousands of faces are nearly impossible; actually it’s next to impossible. From those faces we remember them who are often seen as for e.g.: relatives, friends, neighbors etc. and we remember them who are different from all such as a person with a long nose, or a very tall person.

We remember people who were great and special like One Direction and a doctor, who saved you from cancer, but others are left out. Those people who are left out are left because they have no special things! Is it? But I don’t think so, coz we really can’t and should not judge people with their appearance. It’s not the person to be judged by their skin color but it is them. I know this really does not make sense on a person to be count or not but it just came to my mind as adding to the topic as these sentences somewhat means to the topic. Though I don’t have much experience on life and people as I am just in standard 8 and I have long life to live but though (I have no reasons) As per as I know or have understood this life it is a challenge. It gives you 1000 of faces to challenge us whether we can choose the diamond or not.

A person is born with so many relations tied up together- being a daughter, sister, student, cousin, mother, grand mom, and so on but friends and other relation we have to make on our own. For this the person within needs to wake up. (Flash back) after all friends will also be the one of those thousand faces whom you may have not noticed. And to choose the diamond friend out of so many people Insight Vision is necessary. As bad things seem attractive in beginning but definitely leads us to swamp on result like the same way if we fall onto the following of bad people by chance then that will output as more bad way than falling onto a swamp. If a person wears beautiful dress of 1 lakh every one does gets attracted for it is alls nature. But we can’t keep staring at him\her for they may find it bad or may not like our way. So we control. The same way (I guess the example was not so suitable but then too) we should be sure of who is suitable or who not as we decide what’s good to eat and what not. But that’s even bad to expect from only that person. We should also be good and give her\him whatever he\she wishes. (Care, love, kindness, sharing, trust, tolerance everything) as this only keeps the bond of yours with that diamond stronger and this will leave you with null reasons to complain for you have checked the diamond properly and more tan that with your insight vision. The main reason why I am writing all these is to make people aware of it that people sometime change in horrible way. As “bad thing” has such a power of pulling to its side that sometime people forget everything for it, e.g.: drug (we cannot make our diamond to those people who are druggist). We must trust our friend or who so ever for not ending the bond. But we must not trust someone blindly too. Because once if that person will change we will get onto the never overcoming pain. We will be hurted. When we trust someone blindly that one person becomes your best friend and when that very person uses your trust abruptly your bond seems darkened. We feel now scared to trust on any of our friends. Our past keeps pulling us back. So it’s better not to trust anyone blindly coz that just hurts nothing else and after that we don’t get power to live same way we just draw back. But if we get aware of these before only then we gain forever lasting friendship or a bond and a only thing that can help us is our Insight Vision that is the power that will make us know whether the people are good for us or not.

If mistakenly we fall into a bad thing and we recognize it then we should say “no” to it we should get out of it before its too late. We should not then too be in it we should say no because “if we can say no to things we don’t like then only we will have time or be able to say “yes” to things we like”. Once I had fallen into the same situation. We were happy in our own world of friendship (I thought) but that hurted later when I came to know that they dint trusted me and were judging me with my appearance. They dint thought even once to ask with me and a third person came, just actually their type after all they were jealous- this jealousy please never let it inn your friendship because it ruins. They left their best friend and got with some one else. Thanks to that third person for she lend me a diamond-her best friend of who that person had no value. My diamond is is best. She is just awesome, she is the diamond of mine the real. She is for me the pearl that I got out of thousand of faces. So, get your pearl too.use your Insight Vision. I bet it will work as it did for me. Here is the summary of my passage i

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