Monday 26th September 2022

Players are the Pillars of Fraternity and World Peace, State should Pay Attention to : IR Dhakal

Dipendra Dhakal has successfully become Nepal’s least aged International Taekwondo’s referee. He said that the government should pay attention to those well-sorted players for flourishing the name and fame of Nepal all over the world.

Players not only help in flourishing name of the country but also contribute to economic as well as tourism development, prosperity, fraternity and peace keeping over the nations as players can be peace ambassadors. He also said that sports and its international scope strengthen the bond between other that creates mutual co-operation and understanding. “Players have contributed a lot for nation and have been continuing too but our nation haven’t focused on them and suitable incentives are also not provided.

Many of them also choose abroad for their settlement too. Everyone think that their bright future but in the matter of career in games in Nepal, I still see a dark shadow following us. But what matter us is the echo of the sound Nepal.” Said Dipendra. He added “Many of them know the game but they are unknown about the rules and tactics in the game.

Those who realize these parts know the meaning of coach in the game career. In the case of Taekwondo, coach is only the trustworthy and ideal person. Being a coach is the challenging part of taekwondo as I look over my past. Now, again I realize being a fair referee needs great potentiality and dedication towards their work. But to be an international referee in this age is unimaginable.”

Starting the career of taekwondo in 2000 A.D. from Laligurans Taekwondo Dojang, Kavre. He had participated in national as well as international games and won various achievements too. He had been conducting various national programs nationwide and will be continuing it in International level further as well.

He had been to Wuxi, one of the city in China where he had passed to be an international referee in the conference held from 2018 July 20 to 23. Among 6 candidates for international referee, he was only the one to be selected. Dipendra, who had made Taekwondo as his life and career said,”I want to thank all respective coachs, empowering teachers, friends, my relatives, Nepal Taekwondo Association are some of the special gifts in my life who enlighten me in this field.”

Talking about the two parallel organizations of the same game taekwondo, viz, Nepal Taekwondo Association (NTA) and National Taekwondo Association, he asserted that the former one is the recognized and authentic organization certified by World Taekwondo Federation and Olympic Committee. Further more, he pointed out the negative impacts on players and other stakeholders resulted by such parallel institutions.

Dhakal requested all the parties to motivate & moralize the players for the medals they achieve but not to politicize the the games, rather keep games as pure as they naturally are.

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